My name is Charlotte Carey, I’m a model currently living in London. I’m half English and half Indonesian but grew up in California and New York City. I’m currently still working as a model, but I’m enrolled in school to become a pilot.

How has 2021 been for you and which projects are you working on at the moment?

2021 has been a whirlwind. I’m not even sure what word to use because I’ve had so many emotions these past 6 months. I was still working in the pandemic and adjusting to the new ways of travels, missing my family and trying to study while school was shut, but at the same time trying to keep a positive outlook. Currently I’m working on shooting with several amazing brands that will come out this fall :)

Which opportunity were you given in your career that will always be important to you. Is there anyone who acted as a mentor to you?

One of the opportunities I was given was to basically be who I am. When I left my old agency years ago, they weren’t into the idea of me wanting to colour my hair. So, when I signed with my new agency, they wanted me to be who I was and branded me around that. I went blonde and my career basically took off.

Do you have any special memories of travel to Asia and favourite Asian owned businesses?

My last trip to Asia was a job for the YSL fragrance campaign which I had so much fun shooting. We shot in Bangkok and I had never been, so it was such a fun week. One of my special memories though is probably when I was young, and I was living with my grandparents in Indonesia. My favourite Asian owned business is Sejauh Mata Memandang, they’re from Indonesia and are a sustainable brand. Their pieces are beautiful! Also, Mariañes is another Indonesian designer I love and of course I’m obsessed with Huishan Zhang!

Where are you hoping to travel to next?

I’m actually hoping to travel back to Asia again. I want to explore more of my mother's country. Spend some time in Sumatra and go to my family house in the village there.

What you are wearing and what made you choose this look from Huishan Zhang?

I chose the mint green dress because my favourite colour is green and if you know me it screams Charlotte, but I love how it fits around my body and I think if anyone wore this dress, they’d look absolutely beautiful in it. I’m obsessed.

Photographed in London wearing Josie dress in emerald sequins. Instagram @charlottecarey