Product Care



HUISHAN ZHANG collections are made entirely from high-quality materials and with couture-level cutting techniques. To extend the life of your garments, store them in a cotton garment bag (never in plastic) and in a dry, temperate space. In the event of rain or snow, hang garments to dry. For best preservation, prevent any contact with oil or alcohol-based substances such as cosmetics, perfumes, hand sanitizers and disinfectants. 




Tweed is a delicate fabric constructed of woven threads that form a textured surface. We suggest special care to preserve its unique character. Keep your garment safe when not in use by storing it in a garment bag.  


Clothing made of silk must be hung on a hanger of the correct shape in length and width, to prevent the garment from losing its form. 


Viscose satin should avoid steam and high temperatures. We suggest ironing this fabric on a low heat, using a pressing cloth in between, to prevent damaging the garment. Viscose satin garments should always be stored on a hanger to avoid creasing. 

Duchess satin should be protected from direct sunlight. Keep sharp items away from the fabric as they can cause snagging. Hang the garment on a hanger, being mindful of clips which can damage the material.  


Embroidery is one of the most delicate details on a garment. Add tissue paper to protect the embroidery when hanging and transporting your garment. 


Take special care of feather embellishment. Dry clean the garment to avoid damaging the feathers. Do not be concerned if some feathers fall off the garment as we have placed them generously.  


Most garments should be dry cleaned. Feather embroideries and vegan leather should be entrusted to a professional. Please refer to the care label in each garment for cleaning instructions. Further queries can also be answered by our staff, by contacting