Tell us a little bit about what you do? What are you excited for this year? Can you tell us about some of the projects you are working on at the moment? 

I work as stylist and consultant with different brands as well as editorially, my job is to style and edit collections for runway, (I had the pleasure of styling the last two seasons of Huishan Zhang LFW shows) Look books and campaigns. My role can also involve input on casting, beauty and art direction and set design decisions. It’s about working with the team on all aspects of the creative process to create a clear and coherent message. If consulting I come in at the beginning of the design process and discuss fabrics and collection direction. It’s such a collaborative and diverse role which really helps to keep everyday interesting.  

I’m excited to be living in a new area this year, I’ve been working on a renovation for the best part of 3 years and I’m finally in. I’m looking forward to settling in and making a new part of London my home.  

I’m working on a film project on the topic of sickle cell with the brilliant photographer and director Ekua King, it’s an extension of a shoot we collaborated on for Luncheon magazine last year and we’re really excited to continue that conversation visually.  

What is an opportunity you are grateful for in your career? / Is there anyone who acted as a mentor to you along the way? 

I feel really grateful to have had my start in fashion working under one of the greats of our industry Edward Enninful. To learn from him and grow under his guidance has been a blessing, especially at a time in fashion when there weren’t many black and brown stylists around to look up to. I also feel really grateful to be from London and to have had the support of my family when I was interning. It can feel impossible to get access into fashion when you don’t live in one of the fashion capitals or don’t know anyone working in the industry. I really believe in mentoring. Schemes like Mentoring Matters are so imperative to opening doors by giving young bipoc creatives access to some of the biggest artists working in our industry today through mentorship, helping to make the fashion industry more diverse behind the camera. I have mentored young creatives through the scheme and have found it incredibly rewarding and mutually beneficial.  

How do you approach getting dressed everyday?  

My approach to dressing is really dependent on what I’m doing as well as my mood, it’s quite functional really, lots of tailoring and denim, and then playing with textures and colour.  

What are you wearing here and what made you gravitate towards this look from HUISHAN ZHANG? 

I’m a big fan of tailoring and denim, both classics that you can wear forever and wherever, I love the embellishment on this denim suit, it makes it feel extra special. 

Hanna Kelifa wears the Bryce Jacket and Halston Trousers from our Autumn Winter 2023 collection. Available for pre-order.