Name: Alessandra Codinha

Instagram: @atcodinha

City: New York, NY

Intro: I’m the Style Director for Departures magazine. My real job is stage parent to my perfect golden retriever, Hugo [@staygoldenhugo].

What are the lessons you’ve learnt in lock-down: Honestly, I’m still learning them. A thing I know for sure is that the following are just a few of the truly incredible organizations feeding and protecting humanity both home and abroad during this historically awful year:


Feeding America [@FeedingAmerica]

Robin Hood Foundation [@RobinHoodNYC]

World Central Kitchen [@WCKitchen]

Project Hope [@ProjectHope]

No Kid Hungry [@NoKidHungry]

Environmental Defense Fund [@Environmental_defense_fund]

Hugo would also like to submit American Humane [@AmericanHumane]

What do you miss most / what are you looking forward to: Oh, everything. Big things, like safely seeing family and friends and not being afraid of strangers and germs, and small things, like the subtitled foreign rom-coms I used to only watch on long-haul flights every six weeks or so (it goes without saying that I desperately miss travelling).

What have you learned about yourself this year: I want to be the person my dog thinks I am.

What are you wearing and why were you drawn to it: After spending a good part of this year in ultra-comfy quarantine attire, it’s been such a treat to decide to really get dressed again every once in a while, even if just for dinner at home or taking Hugo for a walk. A classic tweed feels spot on this time of year, but throw in a feather trim?! Now we’re talking.

Alessandra wears: The Tessa Bustier Top and Marina Coulottes in black and white