Tell us a little bit about what you do? What are you excited for this year? Can you tell us about some of the projects you are working on at the moment? 

I am a London-based, Athens-born model (Prada, Dior, Burberry) and writer (Financial Times, Wired, Vogue). It has been an amazing year so far, I’ve given a TEDx talk, produced a radio show in partnership with Onassis Stegi Institution, written for Dazed Beauty, I modelled for Vogue Arabia, Vogue Singapore and did a Christian Louboutin campaign among other campaigns. I also worked on exciting projects with brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Diesel, Farfetch and Ferragamo amongst other brands. Very grateful for all the people who have trusted my work and given me the opportunity to create with them.  

 For summer I am preparing three photoshoots which I’ll be art directing and modelling. I will be working closely with Chanel on some projects and hopefully I’ll have some rest before fashion month starts in September.  

What is an opportunity you are grateful for in your career? 

I’d say my first campaign for Christian Louboutin, it was my very first campaign and since then I have been a Loubou-girl four times. I had a 9-5 job back then and hadn’t thought that modelling could be a full-time career for me. Gave me the chance to dream and opened a path for me which was unexpected.   

Is there anyone who acted as a mentor to you along the way? 

I wouldn’t say I had a specific mentor but I was lucky to have lots of people supporting me along the way in different phases. Whether it was friends, family, my partner or my amazing agent. They all have given me advice and listened to me when I needed to talk. We usually talk about the physical wealth that helps to kickstart one’s career but also the emotional wealth plays a critical role in one’s success.  

How do you approach getting dressed every day?  

I use fashion as a tool within regards to what I want to achieve on a particular day and how I want to be perceived by those who will give me the opportunity to do so, and then I built around it. Do I want to get the job at a casting? Do I want to look like an authority when it comes to fashion on set? Do I want to honour the designer at a fashion show that I am attending? Or do I simply want to have fun with my outfit and play around? Each day is different.  

What are you wearing here and what made you gravitate towards this look from Huishan Zhang? 

I am wearing a dramatic black gown from the AW’23 Collection. I love the drama of the gown but also the fact that although it is a Victorian-inspired gown, it is also a bit naughty.   

Nassia Matsa wears the Jayma Gown from our Autumn Winter 2023 collection. Available for pre-order.