Rach Nguyen. Content creator and consultant in Los Angeles who started a Slack community called Warde and has a YouTube channel.

How has 2021 been for you and which projects are you working on at the moment?

It's been crazy to think we're already halfway through a year that has already felt the most condensed of events. Weird time for everyone, but the only project I'm putting my emotional efforts in is myself. Kinda cheesy to say that out loud, but with LA opening up and getting quickly caught in everyone catching up on their social voids, myself included. I'm trying to remember the importance that I feel the most myself when I can find stillness in the storm.

Which opportunity were you given in your career that will always be important to you. Is there anyone who acted as a mentor to you?

My friend David Lim, a creative director, who saw something in me early on - like before the explosion of the internet. He was the one who advocated to hire me into a well-paying salary to move me to Los Angeles from Orange County, and that really was the beginning of the life I know now.

Do you have any special memories of travel to Asia and favourite Asian owned businesses?

The first trip back 'home' to Vietnam in 2015 was a very special one - one of the first minimalistic brands, Kaarem, was one of the first brands that asked me to model for them! Dropping a few brands based in Vietnam that I've had the pleasure of knowing.https://kaarem.com/collections/shop-allhttp://www.thuydesignhouse.com/product/gam-2021-643https://metiseko.com/

Where are you hoping to travel to next?

Bhutan is high on my list, also anywhere in Europe, but for now: Vegas, Napa, Mexico City, and Jamaica are booked and ready.

What you are wearing and what made you choose this look from Huishan Zhang?

An outrageously chic feather look - it honestly looks so fun to wear, especially coming out of wearing biker shorts for a year, throw me into something wild for a minute to feel sartorially alive, please!

Photographed in Los Angeles wearing Lola top in white crepe and Bianca skirt in pure white ostrich feathers.
Instagram @thatschic