Name: Ramya Giangola

Instagram: @ramya

City: Los Angeles, California

Intro: I am the founder of the retail and brand consultancy Gogoluxe. We are based between New York and Los Angeles. We have two sides to our business: on the retail side we advise luxury players on brand acquisition and portfolio development, work with buying teams and senior management on retail strategy, buying, editing collections and business development. We work with retailers on creating new concepts through popup’s, curation of new brand stories, and collaborations between creatives as a way to continue to animate and drive customers to store and online and create curated special and unique experiences. We also work with developers and on new retail projects curating an entire brand portfolio, look after brand acquisition, planning, buying and more.

On the brand side, we work with emerging brands from all over the world on creative collection development and merchandising, identifying a white space in the market where brands can thrive and develop successful relationships with retail partners. We also work on creative direction and identity for our brand clients, as well as establishing and executing a general business strategy between wholesale, pop ups and direct to consumer platforms.

Although Covid has certainly changed the way I work, as before I was traveling non-stop between international fashion months for shows, buying markets and meetings as well as traveling to visit and work with our international clients, now that is all happening via zoom and many active whatsapp chats! I wouldn’t say the scope of our work has changed, but now the way we approach a retail project, or develop a new collection is taking in a new set of factors considering how lifestyles have changed.

What are the lessons you’ve learnt in lock-down: I’ve really learned to appreciate being still for a moment, to take pleasure from simple things that before I have taken for granted. Although I have always been extremely grateful for my family, the go-go-go constant travel nature of our lives didn’t always give us time to stop and treasure each other. I am grateful for the time I have had with my daughter while she has been doing home schooling during such formative years in her life. Our discussions at lunch and dinner together about the state of the world, following the election together, talking about human rights and Black Lives Matter and having the chance to really sit and talk and share rather than being distracted by the old way of life has been a blessing.

What do you miss most / what are you looking forward to: All of that said above, I do truly miss traveling and experiencing different cultures and meeting , seeing and

connecting with different people in real-time. For myself personally and professionally, as well as with my family I am looking forward to a new slower pace of travel but travel nonetheless!

What have you learned about yourself this year: I have learned that I can actually cook! In our family my husband has always been the chef, but with more time on my hands and less going out to eat I’ve taken up cooking and I’ve truly enjoyed it.

Any projects you have been working on that you would like to talk about? Generally, I would like to continue to say how excited I am to see retailers supporting young and emerging brands, we’ve forged some wonderful new relationships for our brand clients and it’s a joy to see these businesses develop and grow in a meaningful way. On the retail side, I am excited to be working on a new intimate shopping concept to showcase the global emerging brands I am so passionate about to a thoughtful audience.

Thoughts for the new year: Gratitude for all that we have and all that is to come. Hope for the future.

What are you wearing and why were you drawn to it: I chose this suit because it felt like something I would wear if I was running around in London maybe for lunch at the Wolesley or during Paris Fashion Week which is a far cry from my current wardrobe staying at home in the hills. I love the 60’s sense of proportions and the patent details!

Ramya wears: Lucy Jacket and Twiggy Skirt in midnight and black tweed.