Djuna Bel



Name: Djuna Bel

Instagram: @djunabel

City: Los Angeles, California

Intro: Wardrobe stylist, skincare affectionado

What are the lessons you’ve learnt in lock-down: The pandemic has really put things into perspective. There are a lot of things I thought I needed in life, simple luxuries etc. I feel like family and the time spent with family has a value like no other. It has really made me think about my career and home life and has made it clear that I need to make more of an effort to separate the two so I can give my all and be present.

What do you miss most / what are you looking forward to: Hugging everyone I love without fear. Working without anxiety or judgement. Seeing everyone's beautiful smiles.

What have you learned about yourself this year: I have a wonderful life. A wonderful husband. An amazing child. I feel really supported and loved and I feel emotionally safe regardless of isolating situations and challenges.

Any projects you have been working on that you would like to talk about? There are some fun things on the horizon but my lips are sealed for now.

Thoughts for the new year: Just a reminder to reach out to the people in your life to check in. Social media isn't always a proper representation of one's mental health and a lot of people are struggling. It's the perfect time to tell someone you love them and care about them.

What are you wearing and why were you drawn to it: This look feels really strong and powerful.

Djuna wears: The Juliette Top and Autumn Skirt in coated black vegan leather.